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The Guild Chronicles Series

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With each move closer to her enemy , Rose Caldwell realizes how she has been his willing agent.  

Will her audacious plan finally disrupt the plans of Caiaphas or is it exactly what he needs for his conspiracy to succeed?  

On the night of Preston and Lorelei’s engagement, Rose gets her eclectic group of friends to follow her plan to find Angelica’s son and bring an end to Caiaphas. A plan that has the support of the Crown and accesses the resources of the ultra-secret project sundial.  

Caiaphas and his protégé Gerrard Du Moya have begun to orchestrate their plans using the best mechanist minds to achieve their goal and upset the balance of the multiverse.  

When the last wedding bell peals, Rose finds her team scattered, one member kidnapped, and another murdered. The worst part is she begins to question her every move. The closer the White Witch gets to her nemesis, the clearer she sees she has been the puppet and Caiaphas the puppeteer. Cutting those strings could mean cutting her lifeline.  

How do you go on when you find out all the right moves result in a checkmate, and the game ends in Armageddon?  

Get your copy of The Mechanists and see what Sister Rose Caldwell is prepared to sacrifice to save her friends and the world. 

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Here is a Sample of the First Chapter

When a massive explosion occurs, you feel it a millisecond before you hear it. What's worse is after you’ve experienced a few, like Dolly Williamson had, you recognize in your bones just how destructive it will be. This was a bad one. Time hung for Dolly until the blast rattled the windows of the carriage. He flinched, but he didn’t duck.

A few minutes earlier the steam carriage had chuffed up to the intersection and stopped where Dolly hopped in. The chauffeur and Dolly had their routine. He would walk up from his house on Cottage Place and purchase the paper from the local paperboy. The constable that drove Dolly would meet him with the carriage at the intersection of Mount Garden and Westminster Bridge Road. From there they would go to Scotland Yard or to where ever his agenda took him that day. Today it would be to the Yard, times were tense, and he had been away from his office. The Superintendent needed to catch up on paperwork before he was inundated with requests from his superiors and his subordinates.

Dolly looked across the river toward Westminster place and pulled out his pocket watch. It was his routine to set his watch as they passed over the bridge. He still had Rose's amulet as the fob, even though he hadn't been in the field and didn't plan to be fighting the supernatural. Opening the watch case, he gave it a wind and confirmed the time against the Westminster clock tower. It was about to strike eight and ring Big Ben. His watch was reading the same time. He knew the clock was the most accurate timepiece in the world and the heart of Project Sundial, an ultra-secret installation using high science to create portals to travel thousands of miles in an instant. The Admiralty had based the machinery on a plan procured by Detective Caldwell on a mission. He couldn’t believe his eyes as the Westminster clock tower exploded. The clock faces were lost in the cloud of smoke. Glass and metal rained down on the streets. Dolly knew there were people inside the tower.

The Superintendent watched in awe and horror as the debris fell from the clock tower. Out of instinct his driver veered and stopped the vehicle. Dolly wondered if others noticed the strange blue glow that coursed out of the tower just after the explosion. Detective Inspector Burton's Paranormal Branch was in active pursuit of Caiaphas. Dolly had just had a meeting the night before with the Prime Minister about evidence that Caiaphas and his group were active on British soil. Dolly shared his suspicions that the top echelon of the Mechanists Guild was either in support of, or subverted by this villain. The conspirators’ next moves could bring the British Empire to its knees.

“Percy, get over to Westminster, now!” Dolly implored, raising his voice to be heard over the chaotic din.

He sat perched on the edge of his seat, as the driver whipped the carriage through traffic. Percy reached to the dashboard and toggled the lever that pumped steam through a turbine to sound the police wail.

As they closed into Westminster, the streets were filled with Londoners running from the area, while others gawked at the scene of stone and metal falling from the clock tower.

Dolly stuck his head out of the window and yelled, “clear the way, this is police business.”

It was doubtful anyone heard his cries over the siren of the steam carriage, but he was desperate to get through, and hollering helped to release his anxiety. The carriage pulled up, and Dolly jumped out making his way to the entryway. There were already royal guardsman and marines on the scene. Two soldiers were escorting Detective Burton away from the tower. Burton had a man by the collar both were covered in dust and blood. 

"Superintendent, we have apprehended Dimetri Pavlovitch, one of Caiaphas’ henchmen and the inventor of the clockwork portals," Burton shook excitedly. Pavlovitch gave Dolly a grin.

“Percy, secure that man from the Detective,” instructed Dolly.

The constable took out his manacles, grasped the man’s hands behind his back and shuffled the prisoner away.

“Detective, what happened?” asked Dolly.

As Burton spoke, tears rolled out of his eyes washing tracks in the dust on his face. He pointed up above where the stairs should have connected to the next floor, but instead openings to the blue sky between what was left of the superstructure holding the upper levels of the clock tower. Dolly knew the equipment for Project Sundial resided where now there was either rubble or blue sky. 

“We found his lair, and I made it back with Pavlovitch, but Rose was in the portal,”

“In the portal or somewhere on the other side?” Dolly asked, hoping to clarify. The answer was the difference between Rose Caldwell being dead or a chance of being alive.

“I don’t know, but that explosion came through the portal.”  

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